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High Speed Doors Prime Food

Smart, Heavy and Water Protected

  1. Designed to meet the specifications and stringent hygiene requirements for applications in the food industry.
  2. Easy to clean, disinfect and prevent dirt from collecting to maintain hygiene in production areas.
  3. Resistance to spray water and insensitive to cleaning agents.
  4. Doors provided with efficient seals to prevent ingress of vermin and other contamination.
  5. All structural components that may come into contact with water are either made of Stainless Steel or have a corrosion-proof finish.
  6. Stainless Steel 304 / 316 matt finish side guides as standard or FDA approved polyethylene guides available optionally for environments which demands rigorous cleaning routines.
  7. Integrated motorisation for very heavy duty use: 400V three phase, opening speed upto 1.0 m/s.
  8. Size upto: 4500 mm (W) x 4500 mm (H).

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High Speed Doors Prime Metallic(Rapid & Versatile)

  1. Ideal for high security applications where speed is important, traffic is frequent and door safety concerns are paramount.
  2. Distinguished as extremely fast, durable, safe and low maintenance high performance door.
  3. The fast opening speed and its compact size make it possible to optimise the flow of people, trolleys and vehicles.
  4. Door panels are made from anodized double- skinned Aluminium alloy with rockwool insulation.
  5. Transparent vision panels are available optionally increases visibility and light penetration into the working environment.
  6. The Aluminium door panel slats roll up on winding shaft without contact and makes it possible to reduce vibration, noise and wear maintenance to minimum.
  7. In case of accidental impact, it is only necessary to replace the damaged slats, thereby reducing the cost.
  8. Heavy duty motor: 400V three phase, opening speed upto 2.5 m/s.
  9. Size upto: 5000 mm (W) x 5000 mm (H).

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Stainless Steel Rolling Shutters

  1. Stainless Steel Rolling Shutters made of SS304 or SS316 interlocked profiles have a very good corrosion resistance while providing an appeal- ing finish.
  2. They are capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, thus providing 100% safety and security.
  3. Single-skinned SS304 / SS316 steel with matt finish is standard.
  4. SS304 / SS316 side guides with integrated seals ensure quiet shutter operation. Bend- resistant Stainless Steel bottom profile SS304 / SS316 for additional strength and bottom rail is fitted with rubber bottom seal that will seal against the floor when the door is fully closed.

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Cushion Dock Shelters

  1. Thanks to its high insulation factor, the Cushion Dock Shelter is the ideal solution for controlled temperatures.
  2. The three cushions are made of elastic polyure- thane foam, covered with PVC coated polyester fabric, supporting vehicle pressures and perfectly sealing the three sides, including the space between opened rear doors and sides of the vehicle.
  3. The two vertical cushions have continuous overlapped anti-friction limpets allowing for the up and down heavy friction of the vehicle on its suspensions, during the loading.
  4. Bold guidance markings at the front of the seal side cushions are useful point of orientation when reversing onto the Dock Seal.
  5. It is available with fixed or adjustable horizon- tal top cushion, adjustable to different vehicle heights.

to know more visit our site www,geapl.co.in